New Watermark System URL

The Integration of Faculty Success with Course Evaluations and Surveys is now complete. Please update your bookmarks accordingly. In order to view the correct version of the Navigator, you may need to clear your cache.

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Entering Workload percentages

Faculty and administrators:  Please note that ALL FPAs MUST contain workload percentages.  Before you submit, enter these in the screen "Yearly Workload Summary" under the Adminstrative Data in the Activities tab.  If your FPA does not have this data, it will be returned to you.  See the "FAQ for Annual Reviews" link under the "Activity Insight" menu to the left.


August 23 2019: Note to Reviewers having trouble with Links

If the "List of Links to Supplemental Evidence Files" was saved as an .rtf file, the links may not work. The solution to this is to change the suffix to .doc or .docx, and then open it in Word. Then the links should work.



It is ESSENTIAL that you do NOT change any of the files that you have uploaded and linked to in your submitted portfolio documents.  This will break the links, and your reviewers will not be able to see your old file OR your new file.  (It's also against the rules about adding to or changing portfolio materials after the deadline.)  ==========================================================