Portfolio Information for Candidates

2024 - 2025 Schedule of Reviews

Portfolio workshops for Fall 2024

Thursday, 4/11 at 11:00am for faculty with reviews with external letters

Tuesday, 5/7 at 11:00am for faculty not on the tenure track

Thursday, 5/11 at 11:00am for pre-tenure and post-tenure reviews

Information and registration links for each workshop can be found at https://facultydevelopment.kennesaw.edu/cetl-events/index.php


For Help Videos and FAQs


(These videos were updated for Fall 2019 submissions.)

(Please note that these videos were generously made available by Traci Redish. However, faculty outside the Bagwell College of Education should contact facultyactivitydata@kennesaw.edu.) 

Frequently Asked Questions for Submitting Portfolios


Portfolio Submissions in Watermark Faculty Success

Portfolios will be launched before the end of Spring Semester, so please make sure that your chair and Faculty Affairs know that you will be submitting for promotion and/or tenure.  

  • (For Tenure-track Promotion and/or Tenure Reviews Only)

    1. Faculty and department chair will select external reviewers according to the process outlined in the KSU Faculty Handbook, section 3.12.B.3.I.
    2. The faculty member uploads contact information about the reviewer, and the materials for the reviewer (i.e., cv and selected publications).
      1. ** NOTE ** At this time, do not upload the remaining portfolio documents.
    3. The faculty member advances the portfolio to the department chair.
    4. The department chair contacts the reviewers and monitors the portfolios to ensure the letters are received.
      1. ** NOTE ** Instructions for department chairs are found in the Portfolio Information, For Reviewers link in the upper left section of the Watermark webpage.
    5. Once all of the letters have been received, or after the deadline for their return has passed, the department chair will advance the portfolio to the faculty member. 
      1. ** NOTE ** Portfolios will be returned to the faculty member no later than August 1st.
    6. The faculty members will upload their full portfolio documents 

    1. Items can be imported from the CV into the Activities section. This can be done through the CV Imports section. After logging in, the link is located at the top of the Watermark page.
    2. There is no restriction on the type of file uploaded.
    3. There is no restriction to the total amount of storage needed when uploading files.
    4. Individual files sizes are limited to approximately 30MB.  For files larger than 30MB, one option is to upload the file into the workflow under ‘Other files’.
      1. Large files may take some additional time to finish uploading.  Do not click ‘Save’ until the upload is complete, or the upload will not finish.
    5. For files uploaded to a faculty member’s Activities page, add a file name in the ‘File Description (Optional) box, and click the ‘Include File in List of Links?’ box.
    6. For files being added in the Scheduled Teaching at KSU section:
      1. Faculty members do not need to upload course evaluations for courses taught since KSU moved to Watermark Course Evals in Spring 2023. Course evaluations will be merged from the Course Evaluation and Surveys module to the Faculty Success Module.
      2. Merged evaluations will appear in the ‘Evaluation File’ box in the middle of the ‘Edit Scheduled Teaching at KSU’ page. This is a locked box and cannot be edited by faculty members.
      3. This file will automatically create a link to the faculty member’s List of Links.
      4. If there is no file in this box, faculty members may still upload the course evaluations in the ‘Upload Evaluation Results’ box.  To be included on the List of Links, the faculty member must check the ‘Include File in List of Links?’ box.
      5. For faculty members uploading additional files (i.e. syllabus, project instructions, etc.), these files will be uploaded in the ‘File(s)’ box at the bottom of the ‘Edit Scheduled Teaching at KSU’ page. For these files to be included on the List of Links, the faculty member must select a document type from the ‘Type’ drop-down list and check the ‘Include File in List of Links?’ box. Watermark will not create a link without a type of file selection.
    1. Once all the supplemental evidence files have been uploaded, faculty members will need to create a list of links that can be referred to in the narrative.
      1. ** NOTE ** Only the number reference is needed.  Live links will not be entered into the narrative.
    2. On the ‘Reports’ tab at the top of the page, use the drop-down menu to select ‘Links to Supplemental Evidence Files.’
    3. Select the appropriate date range, and under the Report Options drop-down menu, select ‘Yes’ to number the supplemental files.
      1. ** NOTE ** This will create a list of the items selected for inclusion in the portfolio. The generated hyperlink will open the uploaded file.
    4. The numbered links can be added into the word narrative as appropriate. These links will act as live endnotes referring the reviewer to a numbered entry on the list of links.
    5. If an additional file needs to be added and the list of links is recreated, numbers for other references may change. It may be better to add all possible links, and not refer to them in the narrative.

    ** NOTE ** The Links to Supplemental Evidence Files report, is not included in the page limit for the narrative.

    ** NOTE ** Use the List of Links to Supplemental Evidence Files Report exactly as it is downloaded.  Editing the file, copying, and pasting the links into a new document, or renumbering the links may cause the links to break.

    ** NOTE ** The List of Links file may be generated as a .rtf file. The document should be saved as a .doc or .docx file otherwise the links may not work.

    1. Departments will provide names of faculty members who will be submitting portfolios to Faculty Affairs.
    2. When the schedules are launched, faculty members will receive a system email from Watermark saying that the schedules are open.
    3. Log into Watermark and open the ‘Workflow’ down arrow and select the ‘Tasks’ link.
    4. The portfolio schedule will be listed in the Inbox.
      1. If a faculty member does not receive a system email indicating that they have been placed in a portfolio schedule, then they need to send an email to facultyactivitydata@kennesaw.edu indicating what type of schedule they should be on (i.e., PTR, Expedited PTR, Promotion, Tenure, 3rd year review, etc).
      2. If the schedule listed in the Tasks Inbox is incorrect, then faculty members need to send an email to facultyactivitydata@kennesaw.edu indicating what type of schedule they should be on (i.e., PTR, Expedited PTR, Promotion, Tenure, 3rd year review, etc).
    5. In the Tasks Inbox, click the name of the schedule.
    6. When opened, there will be a .pdf document title ‘Information for Portfolio Review.’
      1. Open the document to ensure all the information is correct. 
        1. ** NOTE** The document may contain both the current year’s and previous year's information. If the report has multiple years of data, it will not cause any issues.
      2. If any information needs to be changed, faculty members can make changes in the Activities section.
      3. For information that cannot be changed (any box with a lock icon on it), faculty members will need to email facultyactivitydata@kennesaw.edu to have the changes made.
      4. Once the changes have been made, click ‘Refresh Report’ to incorporate the changes.  
    7. Section 3.12.B.7.I lists the documents needed for a portfolio submission to include the narrative, list of links, vitae, annual review material, departmental guidelines, review letters from pre-tenure reviews or 3rd year reviews, and joint appointment memorandums.
      1. Annual review material includes all FPA and ARDs since the last successful portfolio submission, or from the hire date if this is the first review.
        1. Faculty members must download their previous years’ FPAs and ARDs to be able to include them in the portfolio submission.
        2. Files are downloaded from the Workflow Tasks History section. Use the dropdown menu under ‘Actions’ to download the report.
        3. The downloads will include the FPA file, ARD file, and an .html file. ** NOTE** The downloaded file will be a .zip file and will need to be extracted to get the individual files.
        4. All three files MUST be uploaded for each year. Your portfolio will be considered incomplete if any of the files are missing.
      2. Pre-tenure and 3rd year review letters refer to review decision letters written by all levels of reviewers and any response letters. These should be included in the portfolios of faculty who are currently coming up for the next multi-year review immediately after the Pre-Tenure or Third-Year Review at KSU. 
  • ** NOTE ** It is highly recommended that faculty members click the ‘Save’ button at the top right corner of the screen as files are uploaded.

    ** NOTE ** Faculty members must click ‘Submit’ to forward the portfolio. It is highly recommended that faculty members check their Workflow Tasks to ensure their portfolio has moved from the Inbox to the History box.

    ** NOTE ** DO NOT change any files once uploaded and linked. This will break the links causing the reviews to not be able to see the documents.