Portfolio Information for Candidates



Please note that the process has changed effective 2021 to include collecting External Review letters within Watermark.

If your question is not answered below, try looking at our Frequently Asked Questions for Submitting Portfolios.


Portfolio workshops for Fall, 2022, submissions are 

Tuesday, 5/3 at 11:00am for non tenure-track faculty

Friday, 5/6 at 11:00am for tenured and tenure-track faculty.

To register or get recordings, contact cetl@kennesaw.edu


For help videos, go to


(These videos were updated for Fall, 2019, submissions.)

(Please note that these videos were generously made available by Traci Redish, but faculty outside the Bagwell College of Education should not contact her for help, they should contact facultyactivitydata@kennesaw.edu.) 

Using Watermark Faculty Success

for Portfolio Submission

First of all, when you go to http://facultyactivitydata.kennesaw.edu , before you log in, always check the text on the front page for the latest announcements and information.

This year, promotion and/or tenure portfolio workflows will be launched before the end of Spring Semester, so please make sure that your chair and Faculty Affairs know that you will be submitting for promotion and/or tenure.  Post-tenure and pre-tenure/third-year review portfolios will be launched in the summer, because they do not require external letters.

Step 0:  Enter external review materials, names, and contact information (ONLY for tenure-track promotion and/or tenure reviews; Post-tenure and pre-tenure/third year reviews do NOT require external letters)

Faculty and department chairs/school directors will select external reviewers according to the process in the KSU Faculty Handbook, section 3.12B.  

The first step will be the faculty candidate uploads contact information about the reviewer, and all of the materials that the reviewers will see (usually cv and selected publications).  The candidate DOES NOT upload the rest of the portfolio at this time.  The materials are advanced to the department chair, who composes a letter to the reviewers, and will monitor when the letters are entered into the system. (Chairs should see the instructions for reviewers, link at the left.) Once all the letters are in, or after the deadline for their return, the chair will advance the workflow to the faculty member to upload the full portfolio materials. (The faculty member will not see the external letters in the workflow.) This will happen no later than August 1.  Faculty can proceed to work on steps 1 and 2 below before the workflow is available/returns. 

Step 1:  Enter your data and documents/media files into Watermark Activities

(If you have requested external letters, you can work on this step after the workflow has begun, while waiting for the external letters.)

If you have a significant number of items to enter, do not overlook the possibility of importing them from your CV.  See the CV imports tab at the top of the Watermark page after login.

On almost every entry screen, you will be able to upload files. There is no restriction on the file type, and there is no restriction on the total amount of storage.  The only constraint is the size of an individual file to be uploaded.  (If you have a file that is too big to upload, please email facultyactivitydata@kennesaw.edu.)  Please note that if the system is busy, it may take some time to upload the files.  (If you click "Save" before the upload is finished, it will interrupt it.  If you find that your files are not being saved, try giving it some more time to upload before clicking "Save.")   Once you have uploaded the file, give it a brief description (that's what will appear as the link text), and be sure to check the box "Include File in List of Links?"  Also note that in the Scheduled Teaching screens, you must select a type of file (even if it's "other") in order for the link to be produced. 

PLEASE NOTE:  You MUST follow the instructions below for referring to links in your narrative for your on-campus reviewers to know to look at these items. Simply checking the box is not enough.  This includes student evaluations, syllabi, etc.  The only exception is ARDs, FPAs, cv, and guidelines; you will upload those into your portfolio workflow directly. 

Step 2:  Create the links to your files and insert numbered references to them into your narrative

When you have finished uploading all of the files, you will create a list of links that you can refer to in your narrative which will point to the files that you have uploaded into the system (and have clicked on the portfolio box).  You will only give number references; you will not be inserting live links into the narrative.

Go to the “Reports” tab at the top of the page.  From the dropdown menu, select “Links to Supplemental Evidence Files.” (Be sure the Number? option is set to Yes.) This will create a list of items that have been checked for inclusion in portfolio.  When clicked, the link will open the file you have uploaded.

These links are numbered.  You can now refer to these links by number where appropriate in your Word narrative.  They will act like live endnotes -- you refer your reviewer to a numbered entry in the list, and your reviewer will refer to the list of links and click on the appropriate one.  

New in 2021:  You will NOT need to embed the links into your narrative, but you WILL be submitting the list of links.  If you need to add a file and re-create the list, note that the numbers for other references may change.  Therefore, you may want to include all possible links, and simply not refer to the ones you choose later to exclude.  Note also that this report, "Links to Supplemental Evidence Files," is NOT included in the page limit for the narrative.  

Note that the List of Links file that is generated may be a .rtf file.  You should change the ending to .doc or .docx, or go into Word and use "Save As" to save it as a Word document instead of a .rtf document.  Please make sure that this is a Word document, and not a .rtf document.  Links in a .rtf document may not work for your reviewers.

Step 3: Submit the portfolio

Chairs will be sending lists of faculty who are submitting portfolios to Faculty Affairs.  Please make sure that your chair knows that you will be submitting a portfolio.  

Watch for an announcement in the KSU Today email that indicates that the workflows are open. You will also get an email when your workflow launches.  At this point, you should log into Digital Measures and click on the "Workflow" tab again, and check that your Inbox now includes the correct review workflow that you seek. You must submit to the correct workflow.  For example, if you are required to undergo Post-Tenure Review and you would also like to submit for an optional promotion, you should see the "Promotion and/or Tenure PLUS PTR" workflow available to you. If you see the notice in the daily KSU Today but you do not see a workflow you are expecting, or if you do not see the correct workflow available, please email digitalmeasures@kennesaw.edu.

(Faculty who have external reviews: the workflow will come back to you after the external reviews are entered, but you will not see the letters.  That is when you will upload the rest of your portfolio, according to the instructions below.)

Once you have the correct workflow available to you, click on its name.  At the top of the page, you will see a pdf document named "Information for Portfolio Review."  Click on this and make sure it is all correct. (It may contain both this and last year's information; that is not a problem.) If any of the information in this document needs to be corrected, make any change that you can make in your Activities database, or email facultyactivitydata@kennesaw.edu about any incorrect information that you cannot change in the Activities screen.  If any changes are made, click "Refresh Report" to incorporate the changes.  You will see the date that the report was last refreshed.

Then there follow places to upload all of the documents needed for your review.  You can drag or upload the files by clicking in the box.  You will need your narrative, the numbered list of links, your cv (the "Vita-Interactive" report that includes live links to your documents is automatically included, but you may also upload your own cv version), your Department P&T Guidelines, your College P&T Guidelines if they exist, your Annual Review Materials (every FPA and ARD since your last successful portfolio submission, or since your hire at KSU, if this is your first portfolio), and your Pre-Tenure or Third-year Review Letters.  This last item refers to all of the review letters written by your reviewers during that portfolio review (if you did it) and any response letters you wrote, and it only applies to faculty who are currently coming up for a review immediately after the Pre-Tenure or Third-Year Review at KSU.  (These only apply to the next review, e.g., Tenure Review includes Pre-Tenure Review letters, but Post-Tenure Review does not.)

IMPORTANT: To upload the annual review documentation from the past few years that you've submitted to the Digitial Measures Workflow:  Find the review you need under the DM Workflow History section. All the way to the right, there will be an action arrow with an option to Download. Select that, and you should then have the document files, as well as the screen images with any comments (that’s an html file). Those screen images have a timestamp and a name that works as a digital signature. You should include all of that (ARD file, FPA file, and .html file) for each year. If your portfolio is missing any of this annual review material, including the .html files with the chair/dean comments for the past two years, it will be considered incomplete.

As you upload the files, you can click "Save" at the top right of the page, and you can return to the work later.  Once all of the required items are uploaded, you will have the option at the top of the page to "Submit."  This will be your final submission.  If you find that something is missing after you've submitted but before the deadline, you can go to your "History" and select "Recall" for a submission that is at the next level, but this obviously should be avoided if possible. (Each submission generates an email to your committee chair.) Please check that all the documents are as you wish before you click submit.

Please note that you MUST CLICK "SUBMIT" before the deadline.  Clicking "Save" is NOT enough!  Once you've submitted, your portfolio will move from your "Inbox" to your "History."  That's where you can see which level has it, and the letters from the reviewers.  If the portfolio is in your Inbox, it is NOT submitted!



NOTE: You should use the Links to Supplemental Evidence Files Report exactly as it is downloaded.  If you edit or copy and paste the links, even just to re-order them, they may no longer work for your reviewers.

It is ESSENTIAL that you do NOT change any of the files that you have uploaded and linked to in your submitted portfolio documents.  This will break the links, and your reviewers will not be able to see your old file OR your new file.  (It's also against the rules about adding to or changing portfolio materials after the deadline.)